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[3. 0] LMOST ALL Classic Summoner - Shaper/Guardian Farmer - Have T16 Spectres WHENEVER you want

Hello, I´m xxWolf and i also have been playing Lots of Summoner builds during the past, since Breach league i am playing a low life classic summoner that focuses on producing guardians and shaper using cannibal fire-eaters as spectres. Since this build may farm shaper deathless and fast (no deaths in the last 10+ runs) i am considering this build a achievement. i am sure i am not really the first classic summoner who farms shaper, but because of the Cheap Path Of Exile items lack of summoner build manuals that say about themselves they can reliably do that I chose to write one. This is the first guide i write, i´m pleased about any tips/criticism! Also feel liberated to ask questions in case something is not crystal clear.: ) This build uses 4 spectres as dps source and 1 Golem + 10 Zombies as meatshield. It also reserves most of it´s life and mana to use one Night time Bargain, Arctic Armour and 6 Auras. Ball Lightning is utilized to apply Elemental Equilibrium and 2 Curses. If you like sending an army of minions into the fight while you yourself lean back and watch hoards of monsters running against your zombie-wall as well as dying in the topic hell your spectres create (in other words: the playstyle of classic summoners), while also being able to switch to single target mode to easily take down guardians and even shaper, this is your build!




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